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For Musicians


Fable is the perfect space for artists to forge high quality recordings in a creative space sensitive to art and the creative process.   


If you recorded at Fable or not, you can send in your track(s) to receive a high quality mix made with the best tools in the business. Artists/producers are more than welcome to sit in.


This might simply be helping find the direction and sound of the music during the recording and mixing stages, or it could mean turning your acoustic piano ballad into a massive bone jarring hit - or anything in-between. Sam has the tools and experience to produce all sorts of sonic landscapes in a broad range of genres and styles. 


The final stage of a song. Using plugins from UAD, Brainworx and Softube, Fable will give your track the final polish it needs.


For Business

Music for Advertising

As a highly trained and accomplished composer, Sam can create unique and original compositions for Radio, TV and online marketing campaigns - helping your product stand out.


With access to some of Perth's best voiceover talent, using the finest recording equipment, Fable can deliver beautiful and crisp vocal recordings perfect for advertising and podcasts.